Category: Game Development

Roguelike (2013-12-24)

Well I submitted by game last night but have mixed feelings about it. I’m pleased with the amount I got sorted with the limited time available but I’m not happy with the quality, especially towards the end as I was having to cut a few corners in order to get core functionality in place. For… Read more »

Roguelike Development (2013-12-08)

Progress of the roguelike has been slow but steady, not really had a huge amount of time to spend on it but happy with what I have managed to do. I thought I’d post as a slight milestone has been hit and that’s shadows & fog of war. I remember spending many hours before trying… Read more »

Trials of Oryx

While I was looking at sprites for my rogue like game at Oryx Design Lab, it turns out that they’re doing a competition called Trials of Oryx which started on the day I started looking into doing the game, what are the chances? I’ve taken this chance to accept the obvious fate and join in with… Read more »


I love playing the majority of video game genres but think out of all of them, RPG games are probably my favourite game genre and delving down, rogues would have to be my favourite sub genre. For those not in the know, rogue like games are classic dungeon crawlers which are randomly generated and notoriously… Read more »

Game Development (October 2013)

Not too much has changed over the last couple of months, nothing at face value at least. I’d been doing some testing of the game on a tablet and wasn’t completely happy with the city transition. On the mobile device there was a slight lag when moving between the city blocks as it was generating… Read more »

Back in the zone

For the last couple of months I’ve decided to take a step back from the game development and work on a new site. When progress seems to stand still for too long I tend to shift onto something else temporarily which usually leads to it ticking over in the back of my mind. In the… Read more »

Game Development (June 2013)

Well it doesn’t really feel like there’s been huge leaps & bounds in anything to see over the last month but the basis of some pretty important pieces have been put into place. Please note that the video is also zoomed out to what it will be, this is purely to show how the… Read more »

A new perspective

After spending an excessive amount of free time trying to get 3D picking to work without any success I decided to go back and revisit the original plan. When I first started out planning this game I was originally torn between two very different directions. Firstly there was a more old-school type RPG style using… Read more »

Random City Generator Code

I’ve been meaning to release the code for my random city generator for a little while now but just hadn’t got round to it…. UNTIL NOW! Now I’m not saying this is the best or most efficient method for doing this, this is just the method I’ve created. Below is an interactive version of the… Read more »

Dynamic Roads & Picking

It’s been a slow couple of weeks on the game development front which has mainly been down to trying to get ‘picking’ to work. I was thinking about the game play style and think that I’d prefer it to be more strategic than action and decided to change it to a point & click style… Read more »