Polymesh Navigation Revisited

So a couple of years ago I created a simple polymesh navigation example in ActionScript and I started thinking about expanding it. To start with I thought I’d convert it to JavaScript and make it open source. The initial stage can be seen here and for those interested in the code, <a href="https://github.com/DefenestrateMe/mmo" onclick="_gaq visit the website.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘https://github.com/DefenestrateMe/mmo’, ‘it’s on GitHub’]);” >it’s on GitHub where can i buy cialis online generic viagra

So very simple, there’s a few polygons which are to represent rooms and joining doors. First click sets the starting point, second click defines the destination. online cialis no prescription generic viagra

The main idea is to create a simplistic version of how Valve does the bot pathfinding in games like CounterStrike. Currently it simple works out the path from the polygon edges but only uses the centre points, in the future I’d need to make the path more natural and fluid in design. viagra prices hard do you get viagra

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