A new game for the new year

It’s been a busy start to the new year so far, breathing life into the new project. Currently created a very rough space level holder consisting of the player’s ship and a planet. The player can select the planet and the ship will navigate to it. The functionality took longer to implement than planned due to the new scaling but it’s working well now. Once the ship reaches the planet then the dungeon style level is loaded in.

The majority of the dungeon level functionality can be migrated from the previous dungeon game but there’s a few issues which still need resolving. So far only the bare minimum has been migrated across so there’ll be more to come.

Overall it’s been a slow but steady start of getting core chunks of code in place.

On another note, with the recent release of Lollipop for Android, Google have opened up the API for screen recording so now progressĀ recordings can be taken directly from the device.

As you can see there are some rendering issues with the shadows on the device which will need to be looked into but it shows the progress made.