Game Development (April 2013)

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but enthusiasm dwindled a bit a few months ago. A few changes have been made since the last update but nothing substantial. They pretty much cover what I was wanting to get done in the next stint but it hasn’t progressed much further than that. The main reason of the lack of progress is that I tried running the game on an Android Nexus and by the version of AIR available doesn’t support the 3D stage which is a bit of a major blow for trying to create a 3D game for AIR to be used on Android devices =P


I’ve added in basic randomised zombie sprites which are currently spawning on each road tile. At this point in time, it was mainly to get a sprite on stage with a randomly picked texture. They’re also shootable but hit-testing is a little hit & miss and needs tweaking. The next step for them is to be randomly spawning based on the player’s location and being destroyed once too far from the player. They also need to move (as zombies do), randomly at first but react to the player by noise and viewing angle.

Besides the zombies, I’ve also added in a slight camera chase so the camera movement is a little more fluid. I’ve tried to capture this in the video by starting & stopping but this may just end up being annoying. I’ve also added in a slight improvement on how the roads are being drawn on stage, now I’ve just got to replicate this on all the other models.

I’ve been trying again to get the 3D stage working on the Android but there’s been a security update which is causing problems so I can’t currently export onto the device. Hopefully I’ll crack it soon.

Update (2 minutes later)

Welllllll……. although I spent a couple of hours the other day fighting with AIR and Android and gave up in a sulk, I’ve just tried it again and it worked straight off the bat. Seriously, no changes to any configuration, literally plugged in the device & clicked debug.

Now this is working, I’m feeling a second wind coming on.