Game Development Update


It’s been a little while since my last update on the game dev process. I hadn’t really worked on it much over the last few months but had an inspirational burst over the last few days. I had hit a block with the 3D translations where models weren’t moving properly and it seemed to be moving some vertices in one direction while move the rest in another. This wasn’t ideal and it looked a bit like there was a rip in the fabric of the game’s universe.

After spending many hours trying to fix, I decided to cut the dead weight and completely rewrite how the 3D worked. There are still a few niggles which are annoying me but they’re purely with how the code’s currently working, they shouldn’t affect the final output so I’ve pushed them a bit lower down the priority list.

Now although the underlying code is all sparkly new, the output looks pretty much the same as the last video so I’m afraid there’s nothing new to actually see in this video. Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting in the next update.

What’s next

There are still a few pieces to be done on the 3D side of things, cleaning up & optimising but with the rewrite out of the way it lets me start coding some game functionality.

As you can see from the video I’ve already started by adding in a placeholder sprite for the main player. Next I need to add in some basic enemies, bullets and hit testing on everything. Another important addition is to add in touch interface controls. I had wanted to make this more like a classic point click style RPG but there doesn’t seem to be an easy method of capturing touch events on the 3D stage. I’m therefore changing it to be more of an action RPG style.