Ipad mini

The insurance money from the burglary came in the other day and being that my iPad was stolen it was decision time.

The first decision was to even replace it at all, over the last coupe of months I’d not been using my old iPad as much since I had just bought myself a new MacBook to work on. If I was to replace it, did I want to upgrade to the latest model with retina? Alternatively I could abandon iPad altogether and buy myself an android tablet.

I was very tempted to buy a Google Nexus but the main reason I decided to stick Apple was due to the fact that I had already bought into it. If I was to buy an android tablet, I’d have to rebuy all the apps I had already paid for which wasn’t overly appealing.

In the end I decided to go with the brand spanking new iPad mini and actually went to the store on the day of release to pick one up. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with it and already prefer it over my old tablet. There’s no really much difference between the old and the new, the key difference is the size. Although the standard iPad isn’t exactly gigantic, I did on occasion find it cumbersome for my usage.

The next improvement is purely a side effect of the smaller size and that’s the image does look sharper, not as sharp as the retina display but sharper than my old iPad.

The final key difference has to be the new ‘lightning’ power adaptor, purely as you can now plug the cable in either way.

In all honesty there’s not too much more you can say than that, the rest of the specs are exactly the same as the iPad2 so is there even any regurgitating what’s already been said? All in all, I’m really happy with the iPad mini.