Textured 3D

Just an update of progress, I’ve been elbow deep in vectors and texturing trying to redo the 3D buildings shown in the previous progress post. The reason I redid things was because the texturing doesn’t allow repeats so to avoid having to create many textures for the different building sizes, I’ve written it so the 3D models are dynamically created.

Explain yourself!

Basically, in the old version the buildings all consisted for twelve triangles, two for each side and were given a scale to resize according to the city plan. Unfortunately to use textures correctly I’d have to break the models up into multiple squares per side. For example, a five by four sized building will be five by four to a scale of one, previously it was a one by one sized building scaled by five on the x axis and four on the y.

Okay, admittedly that explanation was pretty damn poor, I’ll write up something covering the ins & outs of 3D in Actionscript 3 when I find the time & enthusiasm.

More exciting than squares
While looking into the hows of 3D models in AS3, I found a script for Blender to export models to vector coordinates unleashing the possibility of creating some complex models. The script can be found here