Random city generator with pseudo 3D

If you’ve read the previous posts you probably saw this one coming from a mile away. I’ve combined the random city generator with the pseudo 3D buildings to give a classic GTA style.

I’ve made a few tweaks to how the building perspective works and it looks much nicer than it did but it’s still not perfect. The scale of the walls is still generated by theĀ dimensionsĀ of the building, for this to work correctly it should really be based by the building position from the player. This will probably be tackled another day as this makes a good starting point.

What next?
Now where do we go from here? Well the last piece of the level generation puzzle is to make the random level generation seeded. This is essential for the player to be able to revisit previous sections of the city and for the structure to remain intact.

Once the seeding is in place, we can move onto the graphics and some actual gameplay elements.