Moving to true 3D

The more I worked with the pseudo 3D I created, the more imperfections started to grate on me. The glaring one being that the wall perspective just wouldn’t work as I wanted with different sized buildings. I had started working on texturing the walls as shown in the following video but the last ten or so seconds of the video you’ll be able to see the gaping imperfection I speak of.

Not being happy with this, I’ve started looking into a true 3D setup. I’ve started playing around with a few basics and have integrated the random city generator into it. So far I’ve got a load of 3D boxes which will be the buildings and the gaps between will be the roads. ¬†You’ll have to excuse the texture, it was a quick example. =)

Like I said, a very basic example but once I’ve fixed the textures, added a simple player sprite and added in some hit-testing it’ll be about the same stage as the pseudo version, give or take a few tweaks.

Admittedly it’s looking very much old GTA stylee which is the visual effect I was going for, but the gameplay in mind will be completely different. I’ll divulge more information of that in the future.