Burgled & data safety

I was out of town last week for a few days where I received a phonecall no one wants,  the key-phrase being “you’ve had a little bit of a break in”. They had a good rummage through everything and managed to get away with a relatively good swag including two iPads, an old PS3 and about thirty games. The PS3 didn’t even have a hard-drive in which is a minor win (yay?). The week before we had purchased a new PS3 for a newer slim model which is much more energy efficient and we had taken that with us as we had some recorded TV programmes.

They obviously weren’t too tech savvy as they left the Drobo and fortunately I had the Macbook with me. This did get me thinking about offsite backups and the safety of my files. I’ve got Time Machine setup on my laptop which is saving to two locations, there’s a Micro SD card plugged in most of the time and the Drobo’s Time Machine share. This works fine as if my laptop is stolen while I’m out, I know that there’s a backup waiting for me at home, but what if someone brakes in & steals both the laptop AND the Drobo backup? For the web work I do, the majority is in subversion but all the other work files are just kept locally. The current main issue with subversion is that it doesn’t have my latest changes. Sometime I could work on something for a couple of months before committing my changes and that would be lost if the worst were to occur.

I’ve also started using Google Drive to keep everything synced online. There are plenty of alternatives but I purely went with Google as it’s half the price of Dropbox. I’m quite aware that Dropbox have a lot more features and is more widely supported but I can always change later if I need to. Anyhow, all this means is that if the worst was to happen (again), I could just link back up to Google Drive and download the latest copied of my files.